I've been away for a little bit but don't worry! I'm not gone. Working on some new content for you all very soon!

Thanks to everyone who's been suggesting alternatives to Wickr. I'm still learning how Matrix/Element works. Find me there: @bonerfuel99:waifuhunter.club


I'm always happy when I receive dick pics in my DMs. I LOVE seeing the hard cocks of fans 😍

Just a reminder: this is the porn that I'm into and will be featured in my videos. If you like these things too, you'll probably enjoy my content


Episode 32
"Fan Service"

WARNING: This video features clips sent by my fans and followers. It's more extreme than I usually post, but I'm doing it for all of you!


Episode 23

I recommend downloading the full resolution version of this one:

Life has been busy and I have not had much time to edit videos recently! I have some that I'm working on but it might be a little while until they're ready to post.


Episode 27

This one is a bit slow but I made it for the nostalgia of downloading porn over a dialup internet connection! LOL

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