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RT by @phyzonloop: Good look @Cloudflare from @BrookingsInst @suusreport & @C___CS. CF plays a key role in how hate sites stay up. One thing often missed is CF masks IP addresses so anti-hate activists can't notify providers of sites that violate their TOS. It's a problem.

R to @phyzonloop: Correction, Sullivan was CSO, apologies for the typo.

RT by @phyzonloop: uh yes they had a major incident in 2017. it wouldn’t be surprising if there are others unreported

Boys and girls, fasten your seat belts. News of @Cloudflare $NET CSO being charged criminally in a data breach cover up is going to send stocks tumbling.

Cloudflare insiders have been dumping stocks in anticipation.

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Justin lacks basic common sense. Maybe you should challenge him to toss him credentials in there and see what happens. But I could probably guess that his password is "password" based on his acumen.

R to @phyzonloop: The @SEC_Enforcement needs to look into this activity. Seems like insiders were aware that @joesu11ivan was getting ready to go down with criminal charges. This hurts honest shareholders of $NET.

I ran out of fingers and toes. Can someone tell me exactly how many bajillions of dollars Cloudflare principals and insiders have dumped MTD? $NET

R to @phyzonloop: Attribution for the article goes to @suusreport and @BrookingsInst.

Cloudflare $NET claims to make the internet better. You're not fooling us @eastdakota.

"Every time we let companies like Cloudflare proudly present or quickly obscure their infrastructural politics, we move further away from an internet that is safe"

Don't blindly trust Cloudflare $NET. Matthew Prince hired Joe Sullivan as Cloudflare CEO after he was fired by Uber for covering up a data breach. Is this someone you want to trust with YOUR data?

R to @phyzonloop: And, @eastdakota knew that Sullivan had been fired from Uber for doing this when he hired him at Cloudflare as their CSO. Not that I'm surprised.

I think we'll learn in the future that Cloudflare isn't the transparent protector of personal data they claim to be.

Who is @Cloudflare $NET?

Well, here's the guy they chose to put in charge of their security team. Criminal charges filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco against Joe Sullivan.

His charge? FAILING TO DISCLOSE A DATA BREACH. Still trust Cloudflare?

More victims of intellectual property theft that Cloudflare $NET turns a blind eye to. They're happy to profit from criminal activity on their network.

Want proof that Cloudflare Abuse could care less about dealing with nefarious sites on their network?

They make it *extremely* difficult to report abuse.

>@CloudflareAbuse @zatlyn try using your own form, it sucks, just like your abuse enforcement.

RT by @phyzonloop: $NET:

New Insider Filing on Cloudflare, Inc.'s

10%+ Owner


Another Cloudflare $NET insider dumping stocks like crazy. Hmm, what could this mean? Hard sell.

Cloudflare $NET does little to remedy serious repeat violators of its own Terms of Service, who are criminals. But it blocks innocent internet citizens. 🤔

If support is this bad for a paying customer, that puts into perspective how poor it is for victims reporting abuse. This from a company valued at $3.5 billion. $NET is choosing their destiny and it's riddled with failure.

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