In view of the Delhi riots, a little bit of background on Hindutva terror

Holy shit Shenzhen I/O is INCREDIBLE. Best game I've played in years!

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just donated $10 to a Guatemalan organization working with the Disappeared: finding out what happened to people in the chaos of that country's civil war, and hopefully charging some of their killers with crimes.

normally I wouldn't mention it, anonymous giving being generally more honored in Judaism, but I did this not out of pure selflessness, but also to officially register my guess that Henry Kissinger will die on my 30th birthday.

you can do this too by going to, which has a list of suggested organizations that help repair the harms of US imperialism

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Super interesting collection on 200+ scans of Ling Long, a women's magazine in 1930s Shanghai.
The last issue was published just two days before the Battle of Shanghai.

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1. The first country to ever attack Taiwan with a warship was the US in 1867. The country that supported Japan in invading Taiwan during the Mudan incident was the United States in 1874. The country that sold weapons to Japan during the First Sino-Japanese War, leading to China's defeat, forcing China to cede Taiwan to Japan, was the US from 1894 to 1895.

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Anime avatar on Twitter: "Unlike you CCP shill, I get my news from independent media"
Independent media:

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came across this raycast renderer in react and im having second thoughts

Anyone with even a passing interest in AI please read this:
"How to recognize AI snake oil"

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