10. That the US is Taiwan's friend is a lie started by the KMT and continued to this day by the DPP. If you believe it, you're stupid.

9. Senior Pentagon official Edward Ross said, "as the lone superpower, our interests are plentiful and our attention short. We cannot help defend you if you cannot defend yourself." The United States is not our friend, and its policies regarding Taiwan have nothing to do with the well-being of the Taiwanese people, and everything to do with US imperialist interests and war profits.

8. US lawmakers are keenly aware of the lack of commitment to Taiwan, and thus Former Illinois Senator Charles H. Percy proposed changing the words "grave concern" in the Act to "security interest," but his proposition was vetoed because it would commit the US to war with China should cross-strait antagonisms intensify.

7. Nowhere in the Taiwan Relations Act does the US state its obligation to defend Taiwan in the event of a war, it simply states that efforts to determine Taiwan's status by non-peaceful means are "matters of grave concern."

6. Some quote Taiwan's leader Tsai, who said that, in the event of war with mainland China, Taiwan can defend itself from the first wave, after which the "international community" (meaning the US) will join in. This has been the position of both the DPP and the KMT for decades, and it cannot be further from the truth.

5. In regards to the above reality, experts say that although such arms cannot effectively defend Taiwan from mainland attacks, it demonstrates Taiwan's willingness and determination to self-defense. There's that whole saying about bringing a knife to a gunfight; the person with the gun doesn't give two shits about the knife-wielder's "determination."

4. Mainland China's WS-2 missile costs US$10,000 to produce, whereas a single Patriot missile costs Taiwan US$3 million. It takes three Patriot missiles to intercept a WS-2, meaning it costs $9 million to intercept each missile that costs $10,000 missile. Then there's the HN-series of land-attack cruise missiles, capable of attacking from an altitude of a mere 10 to 30 meters. Patriot missiles operate at altitudes of 50 meters and above. The United States is not our friend.

3. The Taiwan Relations Act, which, by the way, is a unilateral US law, states that it is the policy of the US to "provide Taiwan with arms of a defensive character." Nowhere in the English language does the word "provide" imply the sale of something. We are being used to serve US imperialist interests, yet we are still expected to pay for the tools required to do so. Are the weapons purchased from the US sufficient to defend Taiwan from an attack by the mainland?

2. The country that actively pushes for Japanese containment of China and Taiwanese containment of mainland China is the United States, from the 19th century until today. The United States is not our friend.

1. The first country to ever attack Taiwan with a warship was the US in 1867. The country that supported Japan in invading Taiwan during the Mudan incident was the United States in 1874. The country that sold weapons to Japan during the First Sino-Japanese War, leading to China's defeat, forcing China to cede Taiwan to Japan, was the US from 1894 to 1895.

While Tsai Ingwen bans sales of clinical masks to the mainland, Japan is sending experts to Wuhan

Why is Harry Haywood's "Black Bolshevik" so damn expensive?!?! I hate reading longass PDFs

Holy shit I made this as a joke two years ago (I agree with the sentiments expressed in the petition, but it was nonetheless a joke because I did not expect anything to come of it) and checked it today - it's amassed over 40K signatures lol


Do you want to listen to some great chinese socialist rap? Then check out this youtube channel! And dont forget to follow the guy who made it, @xiangyu


Tell my Twitter followers, especially the ones who regularly engaged with me, that I miss them and that they should really join Mastodon. You know that Chinese story Mao often retold about the foolish old man who moved the mountains? Well we should all strive to be like Yu Gong and move our favorite Twitter accounts onto here like Yu Gong tried to move mountains.

I don't know what happened to me. I graduated from college in 2015 and didn't have the best work/study habits (due mostly to losing interest in what I was studying), but now I find myself stressing over shit like the two points over here when I know damn well I'll still get an A regardless... I guess being a full-time poor artist for 2 years changes you.

One thing that's tempting to do here is use the favorite button like the like button on Twitter, but the favorite button is more akin to Twitter's bookmark button. It's kind of nice not having like counts on posts here - disincentivizes the liberal clout-chasing that many "leftists" have fallen prey to on Twitter.

One thing I miss about Twitter that I don't think exists on Mastodon is the implementation of threads. I'm also sad about some of my threads being forever deleted, namely the one with my favorite DPRKpop songs and the one I translated from Chinese about the Tiananmen Square incident. Oh well...

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